I am currently working on a project and am using the MySQL console. The project involves moving an existing codebase and database to a new server. I have ssh and MySQL console user access on the new server. This assumes you know how to use ssh to connect to the server and have a basic knowledge of MySQL.   The words in curly braces¬†are where you enter your required credentials. Do not include the curly braces. Make sure the MySQL console commands end with a semi colon.   First, ssh into the new server and type this command to run the MySQL console: mysql -uRead More →

Welcome. Devcode.us is a space for me to rant, rave and decompress. I have been developing systems and writing code for a fair amount of my life. My first programs were written on a TRS-80 or trash-80 so I have been at this a while. ¬†One reason I started this is that I want to share some of my experiences/frustrations/challenges with web development. In my day job I get to work in a challenging environment and deal with the full web stack. Front end, back end, db admin, devops, sysops… these are a few of the hats I get to wear. Over my web developmentRead More →